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Spices in Heaps


It's a taste thing....

a touch of cumin here, a sprinkle of turmeric there, or a teaspoon of Cajun seasoning there - a little spice can lift a dish and add so much depth, dimension and deliciousness. But I was getting tired of using store bought spices that were either stale, or uninspiring and just plain terrible. So instead, I channeled my passion for good food into roasting and blending my very own spices in my home kitchen. And so, One Good Knife Spices was created. It also doesn't hurt that I am a former professional chef so I know a thing or two about cooking!

Growing up in an Indian household, spices were part of life and everyday cooking. Moving to the United States I realized how spices are rarely used and actually are quite intimidating for most. Using my culinary experience and passion for good food, I want everyone to be as excited and comfortable using spices in their day to day as I am. 

From my home to yours.....

Even if you don't like cooking, I know you love great tasting food! Through One Good Knife Spices, I want to bring to your home wonderful aromas and flavors through spice blends that are perfectly balanced and approachable.

What I care about deeply is that each spice blend is made from the freshest, best-quality spices that are superior in flavor. That's why I hand select the ingredients myself and make my blends in small batches. You won't find any fillers, colors or preservatives in these blends. And because great taste shouldn't cost the Earth, all packaging and labels are 100% compostable.

So give One Good Knife Spices a go and I promise you'll see the difference in your cooking!



Inspired, healthy and flavorful cooking everyday



Respecting and caring for our customers through quality spices and caring for our planet by employing sustainable environmental practices. 


Food has been a continuous source of nourishment, enjoyment and display of love for me. One Good Knife embodies the same love, passion and joy felt every time a beautiful aroma wafts through the air or the nostalgia felt when you take the first bite. 

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